Learn about prepping art for trade show graphics, setup instructions and more.



Preparing Your Art Files


Zap Creative not only offers high quality, original creative services, but will also work with your designers or existing art work to produce graphics that are right for you. In order to produce high quality graphics with short turnaround times we require that the artwork be set up correctly and that it be sent to us on media that we can use. 


Sending Us Your Art Files

Please be sure to place all your files into a folder and compress (Stuffit or Winzip, etc.).  You can upload your art directly to us here. We will review your artwork and if everything looks good you can expect e-proofs in 24-48 hours.


Setting Your Exhibit

Our custom portables are lighter in weight and more compact than traditional exhibits to save you time and money.  Here are some instructions and videos to help you quickly and easily transform your exhibit space into a custom branded environment.

Need help prepping art files or setting up your exhibit?

Contact us and a member of our friendly sales team will help.