Turbine 30x60 Case Study
Custom 30x60 for debut PAX East in Boston

About Turbine

Turbine, Inc. is a premier creator and operator of massive, persistent online worlds that foster powerful social gaming communities. Turbine is wholly owned by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and has created some of the world’s most popular and award-winning online games, including The Lord of the Rings Online™, Dungeons & Dragons Online®, and Asheron’s Call®.

Project Details

Turbine had been using custom rentals for their events, their last one at this point was a rental we provided for them for PAX. Now the PAX show was starting a new PAX East in Turbine’s home town of Boston, and Turbine wanted a new custom solution to represent them well as an anchor exhibitor at this debut event.

PAX East Show Traffic

Exhibit Challenge

Turbine needed to display their games, interact with fans and host media engagements in their 30’x60′ booth. Turbine has a large and loyal fan-base, and they needed room to interact and store large giveaways such as game boxes and t-shirts.


Graphically, the design needed to showcase the Turbine brand, the game brands and incredible game art. Turbine needed a reception counter to greet visitors, 5 ventilated workstations and kiosks to accommodate up to 15 game players, and locking storage rooms.


Zap Creative designed a space that is anchored by two large 16′ tall towers. These towers serve two purposes: they act as large storage and server rooms, and they showcase branding and game art on 4 beautiful dye sub fabric walls.


The cylinder-shaped kiosks allows three players to play separate games comfortably and features locking storage on the bottom for game workstations. Powerful fans are mounted to the tops creating a chimney effect to pull the heat of the gaming stations that can overheat in enclosed spaces.


A custom, 7′ wide reception counter features downlighting to highlight the large graphic on the face of the counter. It includes an elevated writing surface and several locking doors to hold swag.


Finally, a 3-sided 15′ pinwheel hanging sign with dye sub tension fabric hovers above to showcase the Turbine brand across a crowded show floor.


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Turbine 30x60 at Pax East Boston

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