MéCour Case Study
10x20 Custom Portable at SLAS in San Diego

About MéCour 

MéCour is a global manufacturer of thermal control systems in temperature ranges from -100°C to +350°C. They produce thermal control systems that are an alternative to conventional methods including thermal electric devices, hot plates dry ice and freezers for top pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

iPad holder

Exhibit Challenge

MéCour needed a portable display for use in both a 10×20 and a 10×10 space. The exhibit needed to be portable, yet include two TVs, an integrated iPad and a header system that showcased a large, automated thermal system.


One TV was needed to tie to the iPad for an interactive PowerPoint presentation, and to play on slide show when not in use. The second TV needed to connect to a laptop, which in turn needs to connect to a large robot system to display temperature readings.


A challenge was presented in the graphics as well. MéCour wanted to showcase their products in a lab setting, but due to the sensitivity of the projects their products are used for, a lab photo was not possible.


In order to break down to a 10×10, the graphics on the 10×20 use a clean design that carry over to the endcaps. When in 10×10 configuration, the first few panels are dropped. We then install a new header piece with custom logo graphic, and a shorter pole for stand offs.


To illustrate their products in use, Zap Creative directed a professional photo shoot of select MéCour products, and digitally inserted them into a neutral lab setting photo. The result is a lab setting showcasing MéCour products in use.


The header system sits on a Mini Foundation, anchored in place by the backwall. The poles are dual purpose, in that they support the header and act as monitor mounts. The front facing TV has an adjustable iPad stand mounted beneath it. Wire management is also included.


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